Thursday, January 5, 2012

I did these sketches the other night watching television. From photos I have taken of little figurines, etc.

Sketch-booking is one of my absolute favorites! I just think there is a freshness and fun to sketch books. I have several that I have done over the years. One of my goals is to get back to using my sketch book everyday, instead of just when I think about it. When Watercolor Magic had a magazine called 'Sketchbook' I had some included in one of their issues! A few years back I got to go to Ruidoso, NM and do a sketchbook workshop with Don Getz, and we worked from life, and it was one of my most memorable times I have ever had! Don is the ultimate sketchbook/journal artist that I have met.

I really prefer to use watercolors on them when I get them drawn. Because I don't have enough self confidence, I use a pencil first, then a permanent marker, then paint. Sometimes I add the black marker when I am thru.
Everywhere I go, I take photos of chefs, statues, etc. I love the little chefs, and have several in my kitchen. Along with the big one that is a collage.


  1. I like this series, good job with your watercolors.

  2. thanks Marilyn! they are fun to do!

  3. Cute! Cute! love these little guys...great job.

  4. Love these little sketchbook chefs Suzy.


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