Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flamingo Friends

Over the weekend I did this one, watercolor on 20x30 Strathmore 500 plate heavy wt. illustration board, drawn with Magic colored pencil and Daniel Smith paints.  Total time about 2 hours, 25 minutes including sketching time.


  1. Very nice Kay. What is magic colored pencil?

  2. I am thinking "Magic" is the brand????? Nice could have been Long Necks...JB

  3. Koh-i-Noor makes Magic brand fat multicolor colored pencils, marketed by Each one has an outer color (like school #2 pencils are mostly painted yellow). I bought 3 from Michael's: Blue, red, and yellow. Each one has multiple colors and when you use say the blue one, you'll get mostly blue, a little red, and a little yellow with every stroke. So a change of color with your lines. Linda, stop by and I'll show you.

    JB, I named my last flamino painting "Long Necks".


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