Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kohls in Tyler,TX

Mollie Jones

 Pizza Chef on the Shelf

A new art friend of mine, Mollie Jones lives near Tyler, and she went into the store and found my Pizza guy!
She has been as excited as I have! Actually All my family and friends have been so excited for me, and I appreciate it so much! People have written saying they went to Kohl's where they live, and couldn't find anything. Here is what she wrote with the pictures she sent.

Okay Suzy...here ya go. This is what I found at Kohl's. Took one alone and one with yours truly to show the size of the painting...snag whichever you'd like. Sorry about the glare on my photograph. The photo was taken by one of the dept managers and he said that he was thrilled to know the artist as they don't usually know anything about them. Of course, I did have to give him a little history. There were only 2 there...they've already sold 1 as the manager said they start out with 3 or 6(on smaller paintings). They are located in the picture and home decor section in our Tyler store...and he looks great as he's more colorful than most of the offerings. They're listed at $69.95 which is a great price for something that large...YIPPEE...you go girl!!


  1. I want to go to Kohl's. It looks so good Suzy. Mollie looks good too. That is just great.

  2. thanks Linda! I hope you can find them..or hope they have already sold out? if you find one. take a pic for me!


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