Saturday, July 9, 2011

Got Milk? Recycled Watercolor

17 x 15 dilute latex acrylic over existing watercolor of 3 cats that just did not work! I cropped 5 inches off the top, totally wet it front and back, then very wetly applied Benjamin Moore white latex acrylic with my fingers over the whole image.  When dry I enhanced the areas behind lighter colored cats to push them forward and vice versa for the black kitty.  Wax crayon was used to draw the original line drawing.  I will post the original watercolor for comparison BEFORE and after versions so you can see.  So stay tuned!!!


  1. Looks good Kay! i need to do some more to this blog! eeeekkkkk..i see a couple mistakes already!
    the cats are looking great!

  2. Love this , interesting how it evolved

  3. just wait! she will knock our socks off!!

  4. Way to go Kay. You did a good job . Would be fun to see the old painting. Love that you are posting on our new blog ASAP .

  5. Interesting to hear the evolution of this piece. I look forward to seeing the comparison between the two. I like what you have done here.


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