Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lady in Red

Started out painting a value study..guess I am posessed with color. My people looked like they were all in mourning until a splash of red a dash of turquoise touch of orange....this may be one of those that grow on me.


  1. JoBeth you do such pretty town paintings. The people are having fun, would like to be there with them.

  2. It's a beautiful street scene, I agree with Linda --would like to be there. The values are great

  3. That has to be you the Lady in Red.It brings to mind all of our shopping trips in Cloudcroft. You would carry a large tote. Fun times.
    I like the painting it has a casual feel of no one in a hurry. They are enjoying to day.

  4. I love the rather neutral tones in the buildings and backdrop for your figures which attract the most attention. It is a carefree shopping trip!


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