Saturday, July 9, 2011

Outside Gossips..

Quick fun painting on watercolor canvas..mostly drawn
with a flat brush..and as you can tell mostly from

memory....Now that will pose comments or questions!!


  1. I love your SW paintings . Very nice.

  2. looks good from what i can time make it larger! so we can REALLY see it! : )

  3. JoBeth, quick observation. be sure and put the words in the label box. put your name, w/ artist in front of it, and whatever describes what you blogged. as many as possible. that way if anybody looks up, gossip...for example, this would pop up. i have learned that thru experience. PLUS, if you put artist jobeth gilliam, when somebody clicks on it, it will show them all your posts on this blog. they can look at all your stuff w/o going thru all of ours. (i just learned that!) i tried to make your pic. larger but couldn't. maybe you can.

  4. Wish I were there right now,looks like a fun place to be

  5. "Outside Gossip" is everything I think a watercolor should be. It just really speaks to me.. :)


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