Saturday, July 30, 2011

Old World Roses

Speaking of coffee, the background & splashes are coffee. The reference photo was taken from my Old World Rose bush in the front of our home. I used Quinacridone Fuchsia, Quinacridone Gold, Rich Green Gold, Under Sea Green (darks) Cobalt Blue added for the darks with the Fuchsia.
I have used coffee before in several floral Paintings. It can give an old parchment feel. This color isn't made by any company. Sepia has too much black in the color.
This is an 8x10 I painted this just before my eye problems 2 1/2 years ago.


  1. Marilyn this is beautiful. Looks like old stationary .

  2. Thank you for the comments.
    I am looking forward to painting again.
    I tried last week but it was a real challenge still.


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