Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Time by Suzy 'Pal' Powell

Summer Time

This was done on a 6x9 that had a very pale under-painting on it. I haven't really done any watercolors since Christmas and was worrying about that, so I did a very quick drawing...I divided my photo in 9 equal sections, then drew very light lines in 9 equal sections and just drew it in, then quickly painted it.
Trying not to be detailed ...I just wanted to get the message across of what it is.
I am pretty sure I didn't spend much over an hour, if that long painting it, wanting to stay fresh.
This is a scene I see every-time I go to town, this time of year, but I think sadly, it wont happen this year. Ken just said there are no watermelons this year. We'll see if the gossip he heard in town is true. Sure would be sad even though I can't eat them anymore.


  1. I love this WC. I love the farm theme you use in lots of your paintings. Good story but sad too. Guess this is true all over W TX.

  2. Thanks Linda, it was just a quick watercolor ...I have been so worried i was forgetting how! and there are plenty things wrong w/ this, but I didn't want to pick it to death..just wanted to have fun with it. Farming is our life. has been for a long time. It is a wonderful life, but very stressful at times. like the drought of 2011.


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